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Effective January 1st, 2021 Emmanuel Consulting Agency will specialize in complex licensing and individual, group, corporate startup buildouts for individuals and businesses that would like extensive client and brand growth in a particular market area. What does this mean? We will only be offering startup home care consulting to prospective clients who would like to start 2 or more home care agencies in two different states or two different locations within a state and established businesses who wish to expand. We are no longer offering services to individuals or businesses who would like to open one home care agency. We will continue to offer consulting to established businesses across the United States.

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Julie Tibaud

I am so glad that I have encountered Emmanuel Consulting Agency. I was stuck with credentialing information to a specific insurance company and they helped me. I am able to move forward with processing application. Thank you so much. You have been a tremendous help. I definitely would recommend this company.

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Our Clients


Healthy Long Life Home Care

Why Emmanuel Consulting?

Our business is based on providing professional guidance and solutions, which means we receive many questions from clients and we have answers.


Why startup a home care business with us?

✔No Franchises

✔No Royalties

✔No Territory Restrictions

✔No high startup costs

✔100% independently run business

✔Full disclosure on business needs, expectations, growth potential

✔Expandable business model

✔Flexible installment payment plans

✔Startup Capital Assistance For qualified individuals and businesses

✔Superb white glove customer service by phone, skype, in person, email access

✔Assigned to your own consultant 

✔All of our Consultants are experienced Master’s Prepared Registered Nurses

✔Experienced starting and operating home care businesses and healthcare businesses

We have a 100% home care  licensing success rate!

✔We Cover select states

✔Brick and mortar location in NY

✔Better Business Bureau Accredited

✔Minority and Woman Owned and Certified

✔ Google reviews & a strong list of clients, and client satisfaction rating

✔Established 2015 and incorporated company

Why a home care business?

✔To take part of a service based business

✔ Be an advocate and voice for the aging and be apart of the movement to let the elderly and sick age and recover in their homes

✔Home health is 1.8 trillion dollar industry

✔Baby boomers are aging

✔Increase in Seniors aging at home

✔Busier families, longer working days

✔Extended families living together

✔Shorter hospital stays

✔Longer recoveries at home

Common Myths

  • Is Home Care industry saturated? if it is so easy to run a home care agency why is everyone not a millionaire?

  • Although there are many home care agencies springing up, not all are equipped with the vision, passion, resources, professional support, financial support, and foundation to keep their businesses running. With a strong niche, specific target markets and marketing plan you are on the way to a lucrative business. Like any business, you must put in the time to cultivate the business. The common phrase "most businesses fail within 5 years of starting" still applies to home care. Keep in mind 20 self pay patients with an average of 40 hours of service per week can bring 1 million in gross revenue

  • You must be a Nurse or Medical Professional to start a home care business. While many states require a Nurse to be on staff, many owners  are not medical professionals. Having a clinical background does have great advantages and can set your agency apart. However, entrepreneurs with a technological background and creative background can enhance patient experience and outcomes.

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About Our Consulting Firm

Home Care & Health Care Business Experts

Emmanuel Consulting Agency Inc is a boutique Healthcare & Home Care Business Consulting firm established in 2015. 

Emmanuel Consulting is owned and operated by a Registered Nurse with over 14 years of Healthcare experience.​

Our CEO understands how challenging home care can be and uses strategic processes to help our clients. She has been active in the home care community and has worked her way from being a Certified Nurse Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse (BSN), and received her Master's in Nursing Education. She has been serving home care agencies for over 11 years. In addition, Emmanuel Consultants  all have healthcare operations experience and have either owned or partnered in starting and operating successful homecare and healthcare agencies. We specialize in licensed home care consulting for medical and non-medical home care agencies across the United States. ​

Our Consultants are well versed in home care and understand the changes that have occurred in home health care regulations and management within the last decade. ​

We provide quality consulting services that include start-up home care consulting services, consulting with experienced home care agencies and improving their functionality workflow and assisting with home care acquisitions. We help entrepreneurs start and operate healthcare businesses all across the United States. ​

Our Mission

To make the processes seamless to start and operate a health care business the correct way without wasting time, resources, and eliminate confusion.

To simplify the process of health care business regulations, compliance, and workflow for a smoother run company.

To help healthcare Entrepreneurs navigate the healthcare industry and to fully support their businesses.

To influence the health industry to encourage healthcare to be in full compliance, increase quality of care and strive for innovation.

To educate Entrepreneurs on requirements, readiness, and due diligence prior to opening up a healthcare business and throughout their operations.

To provide continuing education, risk management and professional support including clinical compliance and business compliance.

To provide a premium white glove consulting service to healthcare entrepreneurs across the United States.

We provide complimentary consultations to established businesses, and continued support to ensure we can help you achieve your company's goals.

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We are proud members of the National Nurses in Business Association NNBA



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Privacy Policy

Emmanuel Consulting Agency takes your privacy seriously. Your information will not be sold or given to a third party.  We keep all emails addresses, and contact information confidential. If you have any questions about our privacy policy please use the contact form to get in touch with our privacy officer.


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